Saladfriends 2

Amazing Flavors

We transform salads and veggies for adults and kids with delicious, fun, and unique dressing flavors that have never been tried before.


Cool Packaging

Eco-friendly individual serve pouches that let you control your calories, and pour, dip, and love eating salads and veggies anytime, anywhere.

Packaging →

Good For You

Awesome dressings that are low calorie, low sodium, and offer exciting new options for a range of salad and veggie eaters. 

Healthy →

Get to know Saladshots!

Individual serve, delicious dressings for working women, kids, and all others “on the go”.
Dressings with exciting new flavors like Chocolate Chip, Rose Petal, and Mac n’ Cheese along with other basics for adults and kids.
Original, low calorie dressings become the cornerstone for a new approach to healthy eating.
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